Monday, 27 August 2012

Up, Up and Away

One man’s mission to share with the world the fine art of cufflinks. 

Each blog a different pair and each blog a different the story over 100 Link Days.   

Your scribe has been complimented with the descriptor "superhuman" having got to the milestone of 100 cuff links posts on this blog.  It wasn't in 100 days, nor was it in 100 working was simply riffling through the many links that your scribe has accumulated over the years.  Its been great fun and a delight that your scribe has been glad to share with you all on the 100 link days.

It was cathartic in that it made your scribe think twice about the links that hadn't been worn for years;  for whatever reason.  It also provided an excuse to wear the outlandish ones that are only ever worn on special occasions and milestone days and what fun that was too.  We managed to travel to all points of the globe and the places we visited jolted some long buried memories in the haze of travel, wining, dining and generally frivolity that your scribe likes to indulge in when travelling.

There were gift links, market links, bet links, fashion links, aviator links, lucky links, birthday and Christmas links (and other religious holidays!) alma mater links and any number of other wonders that one can accumulate in a working life that takes you places.  One of the over riding themes or pastimes has been aviation and to revisit those air shows or airports and aviator biographies has been a whole lot of fun.

Thanks to all of you who provided and made comments and support.  I did take note on a lot of your concerns and put them in to action.  These included a brunette and red head bias and an assurance of alma mater, religious and political balance.  Thank you all for your indulgence and your scribe hopes that it wasn't all too much of a diversion in your workday worlds.

Our centenary cuff links can only be my Superman cuff links, given my so called super human efforts.  I have had these for years and do not wear them that often given my humble demeanour but your scribe is a huge Superman fan in the comic book form, the television series and the movies.  The Superman "franchise" spans nearly 80 years and from what was shown at trailers prior to Batman the other day, there appears another block buster in the wings.......Your scribe can't wait.

These Superman links can only ever be worn with an iridescent green Paul Smith tie, that I describe as "kryptonite" green and they are worn with the obligatory Brooks Brothers cotton shirt.

Rather than a "Til Later " I guess today it's adios until the next instalments.